Authors of the upcoming book:

Modern Perspectives on Privacy

Several will be presenting at the
Industry & Academia Privacy Symposium
Bentley University on June 10, 2019

Helen Nissenbaum

Helen Nissenbaum

Professor of information science at Cornell Tech, Helen Nissenbaum is best known for the concept of "contextual integrity" and her work on privacy, privacy law, trust, and security in the online world.

Alessandro Acquisti (CMU)

Alessandro Acquisti

Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy at the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University, Alessandro Acquisti's research combines economics, decision research, and data mining to investigate the role of privacy in a digital society.

Lorraine Kisselburgh (Purdue)

Lorraine Kisselburgh

A lecturer at Purdue University, Lorraine Kisselburgh's research currently focuses on creative collaboration in design, contextual and spatial influences on organizing, privacy and social networking, gender and STEM careers, and ethics and emerging technologies.


Tamara Dinev

Professor and chair of the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management at Florida Atlantic University, Tamara Dinev held several senior positions in IT companies before shifting to management information systems research.

Kent Seamons

Kent Seamons

Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Internet Security Research Lab at Brigham Young University, Kent Seamons’ research interests are in the areas of usable security, trust management, privacy, parallel I/O, distributed systems and information retrieval.

Andrea Forte

Andrea Forte

Associate Professor and PhD Program Director, Information Science at Drexel University, Andrea Forte's research is multidisciplinary and focuses mainly on socio-technical systems like Wikipedia, online learning environments, family history sites, and social network sites.

Shlomo Berkovsky (Macquarie U)

Shlomo Berkovsky

Associate Professor of Computer Science at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, Shlomo Berkovsky’s research interests are in the areas of recommender systems, computer games, decision making and learning systems.


Laura Brandimarte

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Arizona, Laura Brandimarte's research interests include privacy, the psychology of self-disclosure, and the social dynamics of privacy decision-making and information sharing.

Jessica Vitak (U Maryland)

Jessica Vitak

Assistant professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, Jessica Vitak is the director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information and associate director of the Human Computer Interaction Lab.

Yang Wang (Syracuse)

Yang Wang

Assistant professor at the School of Information Studies in Syracuse University, Yang Wang's research interests include privacy and security, social media, crowdsourcing, online communities and persuasive computing.

Blase Ur (U Chicago)

Blase Ur

Assistant professor of computer science at the University of Chicago, Blase Ur founded the U Chicago SUPERgroup, an interdisciplinary research collective with dozens of members. His research spans computer security, privacy, and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Haiyan Jia (LeHigh)

Haiyan Jia

Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication at LeHigh University, Haiyan Jia's research focuses on the psychological and social effects of communication technology, including the collective aspects of privacy in an increasingly technology-rich world.

Vivian Motto (George Mason U

Vivian Motti

Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology at George Mason University, Vivian Motti's main research interests include Human Centered Computing, Wearable Health and Usable Privacy. She also investigates how technology can support and improve everyday activities.


Vasiliki Diamantopoulou

Post Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean and a Senior Researcher at the Department of Digital Systems at the University of Piraeus, Vasiliki Diamantopoulou's research focuses on Security and Privacy Requirements.


Yao Li

PhD Student in Informatics at the University of California Irvine, Yao Li's research interests include privacy and human computer interaction. Her latest work focuses on cross-cultural differences in privacy attitudes and behaviors.

Nora McDonald

Nora McDonald

PhD candidate in the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University, Nora McDonald's research aims to understand how communities and organizations adapt to new technologies. Nora’s latest work focuses on the role of technology use for vulnerable populations.